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Carl Andre (United States)

Quincy, Massachusetts, 1935

74 Weathering Way


A metal runner which transforms as a result of wear and tear.

Carl Andre, an exponent of Minimal Art, has created an interaction in which the sculpture is a part of the space and the space, in turn, is part of the sculpture. Furthermore, it is difficult to look at it in the usual way, since the work is on the ground.

The distance that is generally present as a result of marked out space, often as a result of placement on a pedestal, is expressly lacking here. But the work has an additional dimension, as the spectator can look at the work as well as walk on it, creating a physical experience. The metal runner in the middle of the park is made up of 74 identical steel plates. The constant wear and tear that appears as a result of moisture and of members of the public walking up and down the runner (something which the artist encourages), has resulted in differences between the plates becoming visible.

With support from Middelheim Promotors.



  • 74 Weathering way
  • 2001
  • h 1850 cm x w 100 cm x d 0,5 cm (the whole sculpture)
  • h 50 cm x w 50 cm x d 0,5 cm (Plate)
  • Steel
  • MIDW194

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