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Collection pavilion

For groups

Today, Middelheim Museum is best known for its outdoor collection in the art park. Discover a surprising selection of works of art from the depot collection of the Middelheim Museum in the new collection pavilion.

Since its inception, the museum has collected a lot of work for display in interior spaces. In addition, the museum also brought together extensive supporting collections: models, drawings and prints, media art and photography. And there are sculptures that were meant for display outdoors but turned out to be more suitable for indoors. Just over 80% of the works of art are stored in depots, inaccessible to visitors.

Because the museum wants to offer maximum access to the collections in all their diversity, it has now transformed one such closed repository into an open depot. An initial, surprising selection of artworks has been unpacked there for the public. These works were not selected by a single expert, but by a group of highly diverse stakeholders, which is why the pavilion contains both traditional masterpieces and surprising discoveries. Works by Giacometti, Trampedach, Rosso, Piccinini, Gentils, Köllwitz, Lohaus, De Bruyckere, Chetwynd, Deacon, Zadkine and others are simply and functionally presented, sometimes in their entirety, sometimes only partially unpacked.

The museum invites you to become acquainted with this collection and to continue to discover new perspectives on the collection in the future.


Practical information

Tour collection pavilion and focus presentation

  • € 115 for two hours 
  • one guide for every 15 participants, maximum 2 guides simultaneously
  • Meeting point: Castle entrance

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