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Erwin Wurm (Austria)

Bruck an der Mur, 1954



The boat that ensures that the museum added an important landmark to the park.

This is a characteristic Erwin Wurm piece in which a familiar form deviates subtly from reality. As the title indicates, this piece causes doubt and a sense of uncertainty in the observer: it is Misconceivable, open to misunderstanding.

As with other sculptures by Wurm, Misconceivable combines an exploration of the limits and opportunities offered by sculpture with an absurdist humour and an unpleasant undertone of impotence. The location of the boat ensures that it will be an important landmark for the museum. The monumental work is a striking landmark at the main entrance to the art park on the Middelheimlaan.

The Middelheim Museum has purchased the Wear Me Out exhibition's key work by Erwin Wurm. The crooked boat, or Misconceivable (2010), will be included in the museum’s permanent collection. When the museum purchased this work, Erwin Wurm donated two others, – Pedestal for One Minute Sculptures (2011) and Disziplin der Subjektivität (2011), both of which were created especially for the Wear Me Out exhibition.



  • Misconceivable
  • 2010
  • h 1000 cm x w 710 cm x d 226 cm, 1200 kg
  • Polyester, wood, metal
  • MIDW536

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