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The Middelheim Museum’s guides have been using the Muzzzé museum game since 2006. Muzzzé focuses on ten themes in sculpture. Choose a theme as the starting point for your active museum visit, in line with your age and preference.

Each theme is illustrated with five sculptures from the museum’s collection. All the game materials are packed in a handy case, which you can take on your walk through the park as you play the game. Each case comes with own colour and theme and simple instructions.


Practical information

The cases are located in the rack in the courtyard of the Middelheim Museum and in the Castle. 

  • They can be borrowed for free. 
  • You can play this museum game with or without a guide. 

With a guide

  • € 85 for two hours + one-off administrative fee of € 5
  • A guide for every 12 children, maximum 4 guides simultaneously

Teachers are welcome to come and take a look at the game beforehand and prepare their visit. The museum makes available several downloads, which teachers can use.

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Middelheim Museum
Reception and Outreach Department



Muzzzé is an initiative of the Middelheim Museum’s outreach department and was developed with the support of the Government of Flanders.