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Timm Ulrichs (Germany)

Berlijn (1940)

Modelhäuser Typ Bomarzo

Ulrichs’s maxim is: ‘art is life and life is art’. 

The two houses look very normal, but their proportions, positions and openings are intriguing. Their toppled angles – lying on their roof and back – turns them into metaphors.

The houses are like living beings, like the people Georg Büchner saw as marionettes controlled by unknown forces. The empty, upturned houses can also be interpreted as existential portraits of the condition that can best be described as ‘thrown-into-the-world’. The name Bomarzo refers to a small region in Italy where there is a park that is famous for its grotesque, monumental sculptures, including a crooked house. The reference is, therefore, entirely appropriate.

Timm Ulrichs is hard to categorize. As early as 1961 he founded the Werbenzentrale für Totalkunst, Banalismus, Extemporismus (Recruitment Centre for Total Art, Banality and the Extemporaneous) in Hanover, with which he performed the significant feat of exhibiting himself in his own home. Later he turned himself into a human lightning conductor. His maxim is ‘art is life and life is art’. He creates performances, installations and furniture sculptures and works with urbanism, photography, film and video.


Number 45 on the map


  • Modelhäuser Typ Bomarzo
  • 2001
  • h 350 cm x w 300 cm x d 450 cm (1 house x 2)
  • Concrete, paint
  • MIDW498

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