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The collection

The city of Antwerp and its museums manage numerous art collections, among which the Art in the City collection is likely the most visible: statues, monuments and other artworks adorn the streets, squares and parks in every district of the city.

What is the Art in the City collection?

The Art in the City collection comprises all the artworks, statues and monuments in public space that are part of the city’s art heritage. This means that all the pieces in the collection are, at least in part, purchased or produced using public funds or have been donated to the city. As such, it contains artworks that belong to all of us and which can be viewed day and night.

The Art in the City collection exists in the liminal space between movable and immovable heritage: it is part of the texture of the city itself. Sculptures and monuments are not only often placed in a fixed location, but also define that location and thereby give meaning to our communal space.

The Art in the City collection comprises more than 250 artworks and includes both historical sculptures and monuments as well as modern and contemporary artworks. It does not include street art, cartoon murals, poetry walls, artworks that are inseparable of the architecture of municipal buildings, temporary initiatives by third parties or privately owned artworks displayed in public space.

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About the collection Art in the City

The Art in the City collection is assembled and managed in the interests of society and the shared urban space.

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Commissions, acquisitions and donations

How will the Art in the City collection be expanded?

Maintenance and restoration

Art in the City manages the maintenance of the works in the collection.

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Advisory committee

The Art in the City committee provides artistic and technical advice to the city council.


Open air storage of the Antwerp public art collection

The open air storage is where sculptures are kept, permanently or temporarily, when they can no longer be shown in public space proper.

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