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Our extensive library collection is used by our staffers but is also open to anyone else with a keen interest in sculpture. Over 50,000 publications provide an overview of sculpture from Rodin to the present.

The library of the Middelheim Museum focuses not only on information about the museum collection, but also about modern and contemporary sculpture in general and art in public space.

The library primarily provides support for the museum’s activities by sharing information to the museum’s scientific staff and museum guides. It is also open to researchers, students, teachers and anyone who is interested in modern and contemporary sculpture.


Practical information

It is best to make an appointment to visit the library.

With an appointment you are assured of a seat in the reading room and the books you need will be waiting for you.

  • Anyone can use the library free of charge.
  • In the parts of the collection with free access, you can pick up books or magazines yourself. Books from the closed areas will be picked up for you by the library staff.
  • You can make free scans, or take pictures with your own camera or smartphone. Photocopies come with a charge.
  • The library does not lend publications.


Online library catalogue

Check the library catalogue

  • You can use the online catalogue to select various items and store them in a reading list, which you can e-mail directly to the library. Your order will await you at the moment of your appointment.



The library is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 4.30 pm, or by appointment at another moment.

You can make an appointment by e-mail or telephone:

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