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Richard Deacon - Never Mind

Welcome to the Middelheim Museum

The Middelheim Museum is a special place where art and nature go hand in hand.


Nieuwe collectiepresentatie

New presentation of artworks

The Middelheim Museum is breathing new life into its art park. By the end of 2023, the museum will look completely different. Many sculptures will be given a new, well thought-out place in the art park, along with better interpretation and signage. There will also be a new publicly accessible open-air repository for sculptures which are temporarily not displayed in the collection presentation. In the renewed presentation, extra attention is paid to the landscape elements and the special heritage value of the Middelheim site. Thus, people, art, nature and heritage will come even closer together.

La Lupa (de wolvin) - Arturo Martini

New Masterpieces

With the List of Masterpieces, the Flemish Government protects unique cultural heritage that it deems rare and indispensable. Previously, seven works of art from the Middelheim Museum's collection had already been recognised as Masterpieces. Eighteen avant-garde and post-war sculptures have now been added to this list.


Return, Retrace, Replant

A performative procession by Wendy Morris
Saturday 24 June 2023 from 14:00 to 17:30

The procession Return, Retrace, Replant is a new performative work conceived by Wendy Morris (1960, Namibia) within a new 'Artistic Research Project' (AOP in Dutch). The procession is the culmination of a year of research conducted by Wendy Morris under the theme "Reading the Landscape," in which the Middelheim Museum commissions artists to explore the landscape of the art park.

On view in the city

Public Figure #4: Iván Argote

Friday 12 May 2023 from 0:00 until Sunday 19 May 2024 0:00

For the fourth edition of Public Figure, artist Iván Argote presents Antipodo, a new bronze sculpture about opposite and shared walks of life.

Inspiring talks

Boekenrek met publicaties


Artist publications, a guide

After decades on the margins, the medium of artist publication is gaining popularity. Increasingly, artists are choosing this art form to express artistic ideas, and art collectors and museums are showing increasing interest in it. That is why the Middelheim Museum has initiated a subsidised, two-year project around the artists' publications in the museum library.

Plan your visit

Practical information

To get the most out of your visit, read the general visitor information in advance.

Middelheim at home

Visit the museum online! Dive into our digital collections and discover sculptures not even on display in the art park. Deepen your museum experience and be inspired by our audio stories, blog posts, films and database.