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Art in the park

Explore our collections and exhibitions in the art park.

Sculpture and Nature

In the art park, sculpture and nature converge. The museum moves to the rhythm of the seasons and looks different every day. We take care of both the unique collections and the extraordinary park.


The result of over half a century of collecting.

Camille Henrot


Temporarily on display in the art park and/or the pavilions.

The park

In the park, human, art, and nature converge.

Six park zones

The art park is divided into six zones. Four of them feature the four themes of the permanent collection. The Open-air Depot and East Zone have separate purposes.

Permanent collection

The collection presentation is thematic. The four themes (Motion, Human Nature, Urban Nature, and Entaglement) are interconnected with the landscape. This allows the artworks to engage in dialogue with each other and with the park itself.

Explore the collection


Open-air depot

Artworks undergoing restoration or removed from the outdoor sculpture display for other reasons find their home in the open-air depot. This depot is also accessible to visitors.

Explore the open-air depot

Zone East

Here, you sense the city. Cars rush through a tunnel beneath the museum, and all around, you see and hear the residents of Antwerp. In the hospital and at the university. Together, we will soon open the gates here for well-being.

Our ambitious plans

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