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'Never Mind' van Richard Deacon op nieuwe plaats in parkdeel Hortiflora

Welcome to the Middelheim Museum

The Middelheim Museum is a special place where art and nature go hand in hand.


Art on the Move

In the coming months, a total of 224 works of art will be given a new home in the art park and at the open-air depot. In the process, some parts of the park will be further upgraded in close partnership with the city of Antwerp's Department for green spaces. There are also new works, including a striking fountain sculpture by Camille Henrot. This new themed presentation brings art and nature even closer together.  

On view in the city

Public Figure #4: Iván Argote

Friday 12 May 2023 from 0:00 until Sunday 19 May 2024 0:00

For the fourth edition of Public Figure, artist Iván Argote presents Antipodo, a new bronze sculpture about opposite and shared walks of life.

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Practical information

To get the most out of your visit, read the general visitor information in advance.

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