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© Tom Cornille

Collection Pavilion

A selection of our hidden collections, along with the library, in an open depot setup.

© Tom Cornille

Hidden collections

Did you know that the Middelheim Museum also houses hidden collections?

These collections include artworks that are not suitable for outdoor display but were acquired for their art historical significance and to provide an overview of modern sculpture and contemporary sculpture.

Additionally, the museum collects supporting collections, such as models, drawings, or media art, alongside an archive and library collection. These offer a broader and deeper insight into sculpture.

© Tom Cornille

Open depot

Here in the Collection Pavilion, you'll see a selection. Firstly, we showcase our protected "Masterpieces" in an 'open depot' setup, artworks that Flanders considers rare and essential.

In addition, depot sculptures have been chosen to complement the presentation of the outdoor collection. Just like in the art park, the themes reappear here: human nature, urban wilderness, fusion, and movements.

© Tom Cornille

Library collection

You'll also find a part of our library collection here. The Middelheim Museum has been an internationally recognized research hub for sculpture and art in public spaces since 1870. Take a seat at the reading tables and delve into our publications.

Are you looking for a book on a specific theme or artist? The library staff will be happy to assist you. To inspire you, some notable publications are highlighted on the main reading table.

Opening hours

Discover the hidden treasures of the delicate depot collections of the Middelheim Museum in the Collection Pavilion. And be amazed by the versatility of sculpture.

  • Oct - Mar: 10:00 - 16:00
  • Apr & Sept: 10:00 - 18:00
  • May - Aug: 10:00 - 19:00

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