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Artist Talk Camille Henrot

Artist Talk

Camille Henrot

On the opening day of the summer exhibition, Camille Henrot had a conversation with director Sara Weyns. 


Artistic insights

Camille Henrot’s oeuvre reflects her wide-ranging interest in philosophy, literature, anthropology and sociology. Her creative process often involves in-depth research. What insights led the artist to her extraordinary works, with which she has won several international awards? How did her series Wet Job evolve and how did the summer exhibition at the Middelheim Museum come about?

In conversation with the Middelheim Museum

Camille Henrot sees the display of her works at the Middelheim Museum almost as a natural phenomenon. For her, the presence of her sculptures is just as natural as that of the plants and human bodies in the landscape. Moreover, the landscape in the museum is just as controlled and managed by humankind as the sculptures are: the Middelheim Museum constantly re-examines the relationships between the human being, art and the park. The vision of the artist meets that of the museum. That is a nice starting point for a podium discussion between the artist Camille Henrot and Sara Weyns, director of the Middelheim Museum.

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