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For individual visitors and groups

Are you planning to visit the Middelheim Museum? Alone, with your partner or in a group? Take a look at what we have to offer here.

Explore the museum yourself?

Visit the information desk at the castle and grab your

  • free map
  • free visitor's text with the ongoing exhibition (introductory film in the hall of the castle)


You can picnic everywhere in the art park. In bad weather conditions, this is also possible in the artwork Franchise Unit by Atelier van Lieshout. Groups of more than ten people should make a reservation via


The park covers a surface area of 30 hectares. You will need to take a proper look at the map to find your bearings!

A statuesque running trail

Discover the artworks and the stunning setting of the Middelheim Museum with a 3.2-km trail.

In group to the museum

With a friends club or with an organisation, we offer many surprising formulas for groups of adults.

Guided tours

For organisations or friends in group

A professional museum guide will take you on a tour of the permanent collection or ongoing exhibition, and discuss the artworks from various perspectives. You can also choose a themed visit. It’s up to you.

Creative workshop

For all ages

Let our sculptures inspire you to be creative!

Word vriend van het museum