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Introduction to the Middelheim Museum

For groups

A special history of an equally special museum. Anyone wishing to reconstruct our history based on lively stories, fun facts and backstage secrets will definitely enjoy this walk. About the past and present.

The following items are covered during this visit:

  • The museum’s origins
  • The history of the Biennales in the past
  • The turnaround in 1993
  • The history and nature of the international collection, from Rodin to the present
  • The annual acquisition of (contemporary) artworks
  • The organisation of exhibitions (primarily contemporary art, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, themed exhibitions…)
  • The link with art in public spaces
  • The issue of the preservation and management of artworks in an open-air museum
  • The relationship between the museum and the park.


Practical information

  • € 120 for two hours 
  • one guide for every 15 participants, maximum 4 guides simultaneously
  • Meeting point: Castle entrance

Creative workshop

After your tour, you can also take a two-hour creative workshop, with your group, during which you can create a three-dimensional work in clay, wood, marlstone and natural materials.


Middelheim Museum
Reception and Outreach Department


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