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Requesting a loan

The collection of the Middelheim Museum comprises some 1,800 unique works of art, and it is our wish to show them to as many people as possible. For this reason, the museum also lends its works and pieces for presentations in other museums and art institutions, subject to some conditions, of course. This page provides all the information about how to request a loan.

ATTENTION: there is a general loan stop until June 30, 2024. From January 1, 2024 we will start processing loan applications again.


Step 1. Search in our collection database

Most of the items in the Middelheim Museum's collection have been digitized. Are you looking for a specific work or piece? Search our collection online.

Due to copyright restrictions, listings for some works do not include images. However, you can view the images on-site in our library. To do this, please make an appointment by emailing


Step 2. Substantiation of your request

In order for us to carefully review your loan request, we ask that you provide full and detailed substantiation of your request. Make sure you provide the following information in all cases:

About the exhibition

  • Name and address of the institution
  • Contact person and their details
  • Exhibition title, duration and location
  • Description of the exhibition concept
  • Relevance of the requested loan within the exhibition
  • Specific location of installation, with facility report in the case of a first request
  • In the case of an exhibition venue: dates for each institution

About the desired loan

  • Name of the artist
  • Title of the work of art
  • Do you require visual material or not?


Step 3. Submit the request

You can request the desired loan in writing by email or letter no later than 6 months before the start date. This lengthy period is necessary in order to thoroughly assess the request and, in the event of a positive response, to carefully prepare the loan item and schedule the necessary works.

Please address your request to the Director of the Middelheim Museum and/or the head of collections. Send the email to Or send the letter to:

Middelheim Museum
Attn: Director/Head of collections
Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerp, Belgium


Step 4. We assess your request

Each request is assessed twice: in terms of content and risk management. We will grant your request if the evaluation is positive in both respects.

Key criteria

  • Does the physical condition of the work allow for travel?
  • Is the work of art movable and does not concern a site-specific work?
  • Are the conditions, location and duration of the exhibition appropriate?

Practical considerations

  • Does the work not form an essential part of the display in the art park?
  • Is the work not on display in the Collection Pavilion?
  • Has the work not already been booked elsewhere?

Exceptional circumstances

  • In exceptional circumstances, the limited capacity of the Collections Department may be a factor, forcing us to temporarily suspend loans. If that happens, it will be announced on this page.


Conditions and fees


When lending complex or fragile pieces, the Middelheim Museum may choose to have the work escorted by a courier. Sometimes, extra capacity needs to be hired for this, and unfortunately we have to charge these unavoidable costs to the borrower.

Other fees

The borrower pays all costs involved in the loan, such as insurance, condition monitoring, preservation, packaging, transport, installation and supervision.


It may be the case that the borrower may cancel a loan for good reason. In that case, the Middelheim Museum reserves the right to charge the borrower for costs actually incurred. The Head of Collections must be notified of cancellations in writing.


Information and visual material

More information

Would you like more information about the loan procedure? Or do you have any questions? Then send us an email to

Visual material

Our digitization coordinator will be happy to help you with the use of visual material. Contact Erik at

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