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Roman Signer. Projet pour un jardin

29 October 2016 until 2 April 2017

With the monumental installation Bidon Bleu, Roman Signer created a permanent artwork for the Middelheim Museum in 2012. Now you can rediscover the idiosyncratic work of this artist, who is also a scientist and performer.


Time sculpture

Roman Signer has added three new dimensions to sculpture: action, space and time. He always works with the same structure: an action – often directed by the artist himself – transforms an existing object into something new. ‘A change in “being” fascinates me from start to finish. In this way, a time sculpture is created,’ as the artist himself puts it. Signer has created two large, new installations specially for this exhibition.


Humour and poetry

Give Signer natural elements such as water, wind, earth or fire, and a few simple props such as rockets or balloons, and the result is often unusual, funny and poetic. His frugal choice of materials contrasts with the highly imaginative way in which he develops his projects. The result is a contrary oeuvre which makes no concession to trends or aesthetic expectations. And though his actions are not functional, his oeuvre expresses a great interest in reality.


Roman Signer

Roman Signer (born 1938) lives and works in Switzerland. His work has been on show in galleries and museums in Europe, North America and Asia for more than thirty years now, and has been selected for prestigious art events such as the Venice Biennale, Documenta 8 in Kassel and Skulptur Projekte Münster. Although his work is exhibited worldwide, including in the collections of MOMA in New York and the Pompidou Centre in Paris, he has a special relationship with the St. Gallen Art Museum, near where he lives and works. Much of his oeuvre can be found there.


Practical info

Roman Signer. Project pour un jardin

  • From 29 October 2016 until 2 April 2017
  • Opening hours depending on the season

Roman Signer - Middelheim 2016 from © on Vimeo.