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Silver Screen

Commissions, acquisitions and donations

Art in the City is not only responsible for the management of the historical collection, but also actively initiates or supervises new permanent works of art in the public space of Antwerp.

There are several ways through which the collection can grow: an artist may be asked to create a new work commissioned by the city, often for a particular location, or an existing work may be purchased or donated. As a municipal department, Art in the City also collaborates regularly with the local districts, which if so desired can be advised and guided in instigating new commissions. Art in the City aims for a sustainable and high-quality development and distribution of the collection.

Baldvin Einarsson

Knot Alone

A new permanent public sculpture for the district of Merksem, about the importance of caregiving and not letting go.

Sergio De Beukelaer

- Release…

Commissioned by the district of Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo, artist Sergio De Beukelaer created a new permanent public sculpture that responds to typical elements of the polder district.

Lili Dujourie


Mimesis is a new monumental sculpture by artist Lili Dujourie (°1941, Roeselare, Belgium), commissioned by the city of Antwerp on the occasion of the reopening of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) in the autumn of 2022.

Sammy Baloji

The Long Hand

The Antwerp public art collection (Kunst in de Stad) proudly presents a new permanent commission by artist Sammy Baloji.

Sharon Van Overmeiren

De Gulle Waard/The Generous Gatekeeper

A contemporary interpretation of the Semini statue, fertility and hospitality.

Tramaine de Senna

Figure of Color

A colorful bronze figure joins the Antwerp Public Art collection, questioning ideas and traditions about public representation, identity and outward display. Since August 2021, the statue has been on permanent display in the Munthof in Antwerp.

An Onghena

A 2020 Olympic Poststamp

A new public sculpture commemorating the 1920 Olympic Games that took place in the Kiel neighborhood of Antwerp.

Nadia Naveau

Silver Screen

This remarkable relief sculpture by Antwerp-based artist Nadia Naveau was acquired for the Public Art Collection in 2020 and can be seen on the façade of the historic building at Hendrik Conscienceplein 16/18, 2000 Antwerp.

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