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Baldvin Einarsson - Knot Alone

Baldvin Einarsson

Knot Alone

A new permanent public sculpture for the district of Merksem, about the importance of caregiving and not letting go.

Baldvin Einarsson was invited by Merksem and the Antwerp Public Art Collection to make a new public artwork following the corona pandemic, honouring the many care givers and their important work. Einarsson translated this point of departure into a three-piece artwork that is all about holding on and human connection.

By choosing the pun “Knot Alone” as the title, the artist playfully refers to the emotionally charged topic of not being alone as well as to the knots present in the sculptures themselves. Placed by the pond in the Municipal Park of Merksem, the three bronze nautical ropes were cast in a realistic style and each carry a unique knot.

In this work, Einarsson refers both to being tangled up in our feelings or having your stomach in knots, and to the importance of holding on and supporting each other. This is why the works appear like handrails emerging from the grass, something to hold on to during difficult times. Knot Alone becomes a symbolic work that reminds us to take care of one another and ourselves.

Knot Alone was inaugurated on 18 March 2023 and is part of the Antwerp Public Art Collection.

About Baldvin Einarsson

Baldvin Einarsson was born in 1985 in Iceland and has been living in Antwerp since 2012. He studied at the Iceland Academy of the Artst (L.H.Í) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Einarsson’s work is light-hearted and humoristic, but also emotionally charged. The artist explores different moods and often uses the body as an allegory for mental strength. He explores human relations and interaction with a wink.

Recent exhibitions of his work took place at Ásmundarsalur, Iceland (2022); The National Museum of Art, Iceland (2021); Schouwburg Noord, Antwerp (2021); Open, Iceland (2020); Plus One Gallery, Antwerp (2019); Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (2019); Harbinger, Iceland (2018); De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2018); ABC Klubhuis, Antwerpen, (2017, 2018); Hole of the Fox, Antwerpen (2016); 252CC, Ekeren (2016); and Lateral artspace, Cluj-Napoca, Romenia (2016).

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