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Become a benefactor

Every donation, every gift – however small it may be – is more than welcome! Become a benefactor of the Middelheim Museum!

Your gift, donation or bequest makes an important difference and helps the Middelheim Museum achieve its mission. It contributes to conservation and restoration efforts, scientific research, acquisitions, presentations or exhibitions, for which the museum lacks a sufficient budget.

Your donation to the Middelheim Museum can make a long-lasting difference. Thanks to your donation, you can become part of our story.


How to make a donation?

A financial donation

The support of several generous private individuals plays a major role in our activities. Does the Middelheim Museum also hold a special place in your heart? Then consider supporting us with a financial donation.

You can donate by bank transfer to account no. BE 10 0000 0000 0404 of the King Baudouin Foundation stating reference S70100. This donation is tax-deductible from 40 euros (Art. 104 of the Belgian tax income code) and will support the Middelheim Promotors to acquire a new artwork for the Middelheim Museum.

Find more about donations to a heritage foundation at Donations to an authorised charity will be deducted from your income on which you must pay tax. You will receive a tax certificate in the year following the year of payment of your donation. The taxes will reimburse almost half of your donation.

An object

Are you considering donating an art object to the Middelheim Museum which may be valuable for the museum collection? Then contact us at

A panel of independent experts will then examine whether the art object fulfils the criteria of the collection policy plan.

A bequest

Making a bequest (a certain amount of money, a movable or immovable property from your estate) to the Middelheim Museum will cost you nothing today but it will be extremely valuable for the Middelheim Museum in the future.

The dual bequest is also worth considering: you leave a sum of money or a certain item to your legal heir and another sum of money or another item from your estate to a charity or heritage institution. The heritage institution will then pay the inheritance tax for itself as well as for your legal heir. This means your legal heir’s net inheritance will amount to more. Further information at

If you decide to make a bequest to the Middelheim Museum in your will, then we recommend that you discuss this first with your notary (further information at However, you are always welcome to discuss your future plans with us. Obviously we will treat all information confidentially and discreetly. You are not in any way committed to us. We do however wish to personally thank you, should you wish to share your intentions with us.

Contact us at


How to become a benefactor?

Contact us at

Every gift, every donation, every bequest is important to us – regardless of how big it is. We are eternally gratefully to every benefactor!

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