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Since 1950, the Middelheim Museum has combined a highly approachable, recreational park setting with a high quality museum. It focuses on modern and contemporary sculpture, using its inspirational, challenging, informative and entertaining value as a starting point.

The museum is developing a rare and highly sought after expertise about art in open air, linking this to the field of art in public space. The museum is convinced that accessibility, inclusiveness and lifelong learning are important, which is why it actively and generously shares this knowledge, with city residents, museum visitors, experts and public authorities in a targeted manner.

The museum is also developing as a sustainable organisation, with the aim of cultivating a respectful relationship with people, ecology and the economy.

Lastly, the Middelheim Museum uses its unique combination of nature and culture in a dynamic manner, to create broad social support for creativity and critical reflection in general and modern and contemporary visual arts in particular.

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