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How The Middelheim Museum strives to deal with people, resources and architecture in an economic and ecological manner in green surroundings.

The Middelheim Museum, which literally is a green museum, considers sustainability one of its top priorities.

The Middelheim Museum converts its natural reflex in terms of sustainability into a clear policy, which it actively communicates to its partners and visitors.

In its pursuit of a sustainable and economically well-thought out policy, the museum thinks about a precise storage policy and collection plan, the cohesion between the acquisition policy and the exhibition policy as well as listening to the advice of the conservation and management unit when it comes to the materials that artists choose for new creations for the museum. When choosing between projects, the long-term impact is weighed against the short-term merit of an event.

Moreover, the museum cultivates the listed landscapes (formal gardens, forest, orchards) as well as striving to achieve a balance between the museum activities and a respectful relationship with the valuable greenery. The museum continually optimises the surroundings.

In the framework of sustainability, the museum has also launched digitisation projects for the registration and archiving of the collection, as well as digitising communication tools.

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