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New Narratives Ans Brys

New Narratives

Siggie Vertommen, Binu Singh en Esohe Weyden

A surprisingly new view of the same sculptures. Take a tour of our summer exhibition by Camille Henrot and see the works of art through the eyes of Siggie Vertommen, Binu Singh or Esohe Weyden. Thanks to their personal interpretations and stories, you will discover the exhibition in a completely different way.


Looking through other eyes

Looking through someone else’s eyes can provide fresh insights. Moreover, the Middelheim Museum finds it important not only to give its own perspective on the works on display, but also to allow other voices to have their say and to learn from them. That is why the Middelheim Museum asked three speakers from various fields to explore the exhibition by Camille Henrot.

Postdoctoral researcher Siggie Vertommen, child psychiatrist Binu Singh and spoken-word poet and presenter Esohe Weyden will take you through the exhibition. They will not be guided by a theme or script, only by their personal interpretations and associations. Expect new insights and a good conversation. Consistently surprising, always fascinating.


Siggie Vertommen

Dr. Siggie Vertommen (b. 1984) is a lecturer and postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Conflict and Development Studies of Ghent University (UGent). Her research is on the global fertility industry and the role women play in it. In her current research project she is studying transnational forms of surrogacy between Israel/Palestine and Georgia through the feminist lens of reproductive labour. She is currently working on a book, Fertility Frontiers: Understanding Palestine Through the Lens of Assisted Reproduction, to be published by Pluto Press. She is also active in feminist collectives such as UGent Vrouwenstaking, Furia and Sophia, and she is the co-founder of the Slow Science collective at UGent.



Binu Singh

Dr Binu Singh (b. 1979) is an infant and child psychiatrist and psychotherapist attached to the University Psychiatric Centre KU Leuven. Last year, Binu Singh made a remarkable appearance in the TV programme Alleen Elvis blijft bestaan. She spoke to presenter Thomas Vanderveken about the crucial importance of proper care for young children in the early years of their life. Binu Singh specialized in the as yet unexplored field of early childhood experiences and the consequences they can have later in life. As such she advocates the well-being of very young children in particular.



Esohe Weyden

Esohe Weyden (b. 1999) is a spoken-word poet, presenter and law student from Antwerp. She uses her honest pen to try to put into words how she searches for connection in the duality of her thoughts and the world she lives in. You may know her from Mensen Zeggen Dingen (the Antwerp and Ghent editions) or else as a city reporter on ATV. In 2022 Esohe Weyden made her debut with the poetry collection Tussentaal, published by Uitgeverij Vrijdag and nominated for the C. Buddingh Prize. She has performed her poetry on many stages, from Arenberg to Pukkelpop.



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