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Guided tours

For organisations or friends in group

A professional museum guide will take you on a tour of the permanent collection or ongoing exhibition, and discuss the artworks from various perspectives. You can also choose a themed visit. It’s up to you.

In a group or with your class

The children are introduced to the Middelheim Museum under the supervision of our professional museum guides.


Still looking for an activity that is custom-made for young people? Take a look at our offering!


Everyone should be able to easily use and view the information on the website of the Middelheim Museum, not least the visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired, deaf and persons with other disabilities. The Middelheim Museum strives to make its website as accessible as possible, by 2022 at the latest. We do this in accordance with the EU directives and the Flemish Administration Decree.

Estate and infrastructure

The Middelheim Museum: an oasis of greenery, art, and so much more!

Art park

Throughout its history, the museum park underwent a fascinating transformation.


The renowned Middelheim castle is our eye-catching feature as well as being a multifaceted elegant refuge.

Restorations / cleaning statues in the city

The Middelheim Museum is responsible for the maintenance and conservation of the city’s sculpture heritage.

Vic Gentils (Belgium)

Ilfracombe, 1919 – Antwerpen, 1997

Mayor Lode Craeybeckx

Henry Moore (United Kingdom)

Castleford, 1898 – Much Hadham, 1986

King and Queen

Word vriend van het museum