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Middelheim Museum opens the gate to well-being

We're looking to connect sites to make the museum more accessible from the hospital and University.

Beyond the Center

Six new public art commissions combine local prompts with singular artistic visions.

Collection Pavilion

A selection of our hidden collections, along with the library, in an open depot setup.


The renovated museum library is housed in the Collection Pavilion.

Public Figure #5: Aline Bouvy

For the fifth edition of Public Figure, Aline Bouvy creates 'Servant, clown or enemy': a reproduction of a 3D body scan in bronze.

Film and photography

Good to know if you take photos or film in the museum.

House Rules

Our house rules make the visit pleasant for everyone.

Art in the park

The presentation of the sculptures in the art park is thematic. The sculptures engage in a dialogue with the landscape and with each other.

The park

In the park, human, art, and nature converge.

Discover the renovated museum

The new collection presentation has been completed. There are also many other innovations in the museum.

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