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7 June until 29 September 2024  

With COME CLOSER, Middelheim Museum and DE SINGEL international arts centre jointly explore the space between sculpture and performance art. This collaboration gathers international artists that show works in a variety of forms: installations and performances.  

A KIND OF A 'HUH?'* | symposium

On Artists' Publications and How to Manage Them

This symposium celebrates artists’ publications in all of their facets and reflects on their potential in museum and library collections.  

Gosie Vervloessem

Gosie Vervloessem creates the first digital artwork for and about the Middelheim Museum.

Like a detective, performance artist Gosie Vervloessem (b. 1973, Belgium) studies the relationship between humans and the plant kingdom. In her Artistic Research Project, she applies ideas from The Horror Garden (2018) to the landscape of the Middelheim Museum.

The Pleasure Garden (2023)

Artist tour

Let artist Gosie Vervloessem, alias the Toxic Detective, take you in tow and take a different view of the landscape of the Middelheim Museum. 

Wendy Morris

Middelheim herbarium for midwives

Visual artist Wendy Morris (b. 1960, Namibia) explores how knowledge about plant-based contraception was passed down through the ages. As part of her Artistic Research Project, she is developing a herbarium for midwives based on plants at the Middelheim Museum. She is holding a performance on 24 June.

Art on the Move

In 2023 and 2024, a total of 224 works of art will be given a new home in the art park and at the open-air depot. In the process, some parts of the park will be further upgraded in close partnership with the city of Antwerp's Department for green spaces. There are also new works, including a striking fountain sculpture by Camille Henrot. This new themed presentation brings art and nature even closer together.  

Return, Retrace, Replant

A performative procession by Wendy Morris

The procession Return, Retrace, Replant is a new performative work conceived by Wendy Morris (1960, Namibia) within a new 'Artistic Research Project' (AOP in Dutch). The procession is the culmination of a year of research conducted by Wendy Morris under the theme "Reading the Landscape," in which the Middelheim Museum commissions artists to explore the landscape of the art park.

Public Figure #4: Iván Argote

For the fourth edition of Public Figure, artist Iván Argote presents Antipodo, a new bronze sculpture about opposite and shared walks of life.

Tramaine de Senna

Figure of Color

A colorful bronze figure joins the Antwerp Public Art collection, questioning ideas and traditions about public representation, identity and outward display. Since August 2021, the statue has been on permanent display in the Munthof in Antwerp.

Nadia Naveau

Silver Screen

This remarkable relief sculpture by Antwerp-based artist Nadia Naveau was acquired for the Public Art Collection in 2020 and can be seen on the façade of the historic building at Hendrik Conscienceplein 16/18, 2000 Antwerp.

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