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Does the Middelheim Museum hold a special place in your heart and do you want to contribute to guaranteeing the quality of the museum’s activities in the future? There are various ways of showing your support: as a friend, as a volunteer, as a donor and as a sponsor.

The Flemish Government gives structural subsidies to the Middelheim Museum every year. The operation of the Middelheim Museum would not be possible without this support. However, the museum also needs the support of the citizen / private individual and the corporate sponsor as additional financing.

Become a friend of the museum

As a Friend, you are an ambassador of the Middelheim Museum. Join the Middelheim Promotors!

Become a benefactor

Every donation, every gift – however small it may be – is more than welcome! Become a benefactor of the Middelheim Museum!

Become a sponsor

Sponsor the Middelheim Museum and become a corporate partner. The Middelheim Museum has a lot to offer to companies.


Read more about the museum’s mission.


Read more about the museum’s vision here.

Strategy and contact


The five cornerstones of the Middelheim Museum.

Who’s who?

The people behind (and sometimes in front of) the museum’s scenes.

Word vriend van het museum